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This is the home of anachronism's young adult literature reading log. When reviewing books, I'm going to be using VOYA's rating system, so if you're not familar with that, you might be slightly confused. Don't worry, though, the actual review is what's the most important.

I decided to put my thoughts and opinions about the books I read online so that others can see what I think and offer their own insights. I'm also open to book suggestions!

This is a closed community; only I can post to it, but you're more than welcome to friend it and make comments.

Currently Reading:
Looking for Alaska by John Green

Books I Need to Read:
Skellig by David Almond

I eventually plan to put up a list of the books I absolutely adored and maybe a list of books I didn't think were that great or didn't meet up to the expectations of the hype they had gotten.